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Friends - what in the world could be better than 100% free traffic all day long?

Making sure that traffic drives in as many profits as possible, for the LEAST possible effort.

TrafficBuilder 2.0 sets you up as THE go-to authority in any niche you want. Send targeted users to your posts in just a few clicks.

But face it - traffic on its own is NOT enough. You need visitors to convert into cold hard cash … and now it’s easier than ever. Here’s how:

Step One:

Monetize ANY Post For Passive Profit

The key to turn traffic into cash? Show your visitors offers HIGHLY related to your content. For unlimited choices, there isn’t a better option than Amazon.

TrafficBuilder 2.0 Pro’s Amazon Product Finder lets you instantly source top-rated products in ANY niche.

Filter by price, ratings, vendor profile and much more. Monetizing your traffic with eCommerce products has NEVER been easier … you can find anything you want right inside the dash!

Why Amazon?

This eCommerce GIANT generated 136 BILLION USD in sales in 2016. It KNOWS how to convert prospects into sales.

The product selection is virtually unlimited.

The selling, shipping and support is done for you: this is passive earning at its best.

Plus, you make commissions on ANY related upsells or cross sells for up to 90 days. Send traffic once and get paid for up to 90 days? Sweet deal.

Your Passive Profit SOLUTION

*2 Ways To Win*

Obviously you could just drop a link to an Amazon product in the posts you create with TrafficBuilder 2.0 - that’s the DIRECT approach.

But if you’re building your brand, you could just link out to a blog or social media post to share content … then monetize THAT post with your affiliate link. Whether you prefer to “sell hard” or “sell soft”, you’ve got unlimited options with TrafficBuilder 2.0 Pro’s Amazon Product Finder feature.

Hands-Free Commissions

Beginners , affiliate marketers and anyone that doesn’t want to make their own products : now you can just plug in top-sellers, let Amazon do the work, and collect the commissions.

This also works GREAT for bloggers , video and social media marketers … because this is such an EASY way to monetize your content.

And if you’re a list builder , you’ll NEVER be short of top converting products to promote with email marketing . Just login to the dash, find the PERFECT offer for your subscribers, and watch the commissions roll in.

If you’re sick of driving traffic and NOT making sales , THIS is the answer.

Step Two: Scale It Up!

The difference between top-level marketers and those just struggling to get by?

Knowing your numbers. When you know the math, you can EXPLODE your profits - predictably and with minimal risk.

TrafficBuilder 2.0 Pro gives you every number you need to take your business and income to the next level.

Traffic Builder Pro’s tracking feature lets you see AT A GLANCE how each and every campaign you’re running is performing Quickly create specific tracking links for every offer - so you’ll know exactly where the profits are coming from.

Why Track?

Online marketing is all about numbers.

Without tracking the numbers, you’re playing a guessing game. Thanks to TrafficBuilder 2.0, this won’t cost you dollars … but it WILL cost you time.

When you know which campaigns are the “winners”, you’ll be able to scale them up fast to maximize your profits. TrafficBuilder 2.0 Pro gives you ALL the stats you need to see powerful results from your split tests.

End result? More profits in less time, and a business that grows practically automatically.

Playing The Numbers To Win BIG

Scaling your profits with TrafficBuilder 2.0 Pro is easy. Login to the dash, select your campaign, then click the “analytics” tab. You’ll get instant access to all the key numbers showing its performance.

Just as easily you can set up specific tracking links for your offers to get more details about the quality of traffic each of your posts generates.

More Profits In Less Time

This is so easy even beginners will see immediate benefits …

Intermediate & advanced marketers will instantly be able to scale their campaigns …

Product creators , eCom vendors and affiliate marketers will get the stats they need to optimize results.

If You’re Ready To Build Your Business Fast , This Feature Can Make It Happen.

Step Three: Set It & Forget It

You hear about “set and forget” methods all the time … but with TrafficBuilder 2.0 Pro it’s a reality. The campaign scheduler lets you create AS MANY traffic campaigns as you want … then set them to run ANYTIME you want in the future.

This means you could set up an entire MONTH’S worth of traffic campaigns inside of 30 minutes. Just think about that …

No more daily monitoring …

No more daily posting …

A LIFESTYLE business you can “work” in just minutes PER month.

Traffic Builder Pro’s Campaign Scheduler - FINALLY a truly set & forget traffic solution.

Setup multiple campaigns on the fly, then schedule them to run at any point in the future.

Once set, the software takes over and drip feeds your campaigns EXACTLY how you want.

Why Schedule?

The trick to consistent profits? Consistent traffic. All too often marketers go on “blitzes” where they try to drive all the traffic they can in 24 hours or less … then stop doing anything for 2 weeks.

The winners in this game are CONSTANTLY driving traffic, but now you don’t have to work everyday to make it happen. With the Campaign Scheduler, you can set up free traffic streams MONTHS in advance.

Point & Click: Scheduled Traffic ON DEMAND

Inside the TrafficBuilder 2.0 Pro dash, click the “scheduler” tab and you’ll be walked thru each step. It’s as simple as setting up a regular campaign, you’ll just be prompted to enter your dates and frequency.

Who ELSE Wants To Work Less Instead Of More?

This is a set and forget traffic solution.

If you’re looking to build a lifestyle business that DOESN’T mean you’re tied to a computer 7 days a week, look no further.

Marketers with evergreen products, landing pages and established eCom stores will especially benefit from this feature.

If You’re Tired Of Working FOR Your Business And Not Having
Your Business Work For You, This Is The Solution.

3 Simple Steps: Monetize, Grow, Set & Forget

That’s what happens inside TrafficBuilder 2.0 Pro. We’ve completely covered the three most profitable areas for online marketers with this upgrade offer.

  • Passive profits thanks to the world’s most successful eCom platform as YOUR partner.
  • Effortless scaling and unlimited growth potential with advanced metrics for every campaign.
  • Set & forget traffic scheduling to drive visitors to your offers 24/7, months in advance.

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